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About Us


ÖMERT MAKİNA; Operating in the trailer manufacturing and marketing sector in Konya shows.

Our company, acting with the principle of being a reliable institution, has transformed this principle into corporate culture. It keeps the product and service quality at the highest level in order to bring

Our Company; In the course of time, many products have been produced with its experienced and technical personnel. signed under. It aims to increase this number even higher in the future.

Our products;

There are single and double axle tractor trailers with different tonnage capacities, tiller trailers, mini trailers and tractor baskets.

Our products;

Besides our country, it is marketed to many countries of the world. Our production continues with the quality of the first day and the excitement of the first day.

By using the latest possibilities of today's technology, we manufacture trailers that make our work easier in business and living spaces and have aesthetic values. With our developmental horizon and vast experience We are happy to be a part of our products.

We continue our production with the motto of "Always Quality", Not Just Quality in the First Product.